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HIAS Chicago is a partner in serving our community, receiving support from the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

HIAS Chicago Citizenship Class Session Begins 

HIAS Chicago is offering its next session of Citizenship Classes in Buffalo Grove beginning in June.  Citizenship Classes are offered to immigrants who have recently applied or will be applying soon for U.S. citizenship.  

Registration will be held Wednesday, June 10, and classes will continue every Wednesday through July 29, from 6:30-8:00pm.  Classes will be held at our office at 135 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Suite 104, in Buffalo Grove.

Please visit our Citizenship Preparation page, or call (312) 357-4666 for more information.  

Join HIAS Chicago at our upcoming Citizenship Workshops

HIAS Chicago is hosting citizenship workshops to assist eligible immigrants with the citizenship application. Please call HIAS Chicago at 312-357-4666 for more information and to register.


May 23, 2015 9am-noon

Church of the Holy Spirit

1451 Bode Road

Schaumburg, IL 60194


June 13, 2015 9am-noon

St. Cecilia Parish Center

700 S. Meier

Mt Prospect IL 60056




HIAS Chicago 2015 Scholarship Application Period Now Closed 

Please visit our Scholarship Page for more information.  

The HIAS Chicago 2016 Scholarship Application Period will open in November; please check back then for additional information.


Child Survivor Fund Launched


Eligible Survivors Should Apply to Receive 2,500 Euro One-Time Payment


Applications have been mailed to approximately 70,000 survivors around the world who the Claims Conference believes may be eligible for its new Child Survivor Fund. The Claims Conference gathered information about these survivors from other compensation programs.

The fund will issue one-time payments of €2,500 (approximately $2,970) to eligible individuals who survived the Shoah as children.

This fund is open to Jewish Nazi victims who were persecuted as Jews and were born 1/1/1928 or later AND who suffered one of the following types of persecution:

(I) Were in a concentration camp; or

(II) Were in a ghetto (or similar place of incarceration in accordance with the German Slave Labor Program); or

(III) Were in hiding or living under false identity for a period of at least 6 months in Nazi-occupied or Axis countries; or

(IV) Were a fetus during time that their mother suffered persecution as described above.

The fund is intended to acknowledge the suffering of Holocaust survivors who endured unimaginable trauma in their childhoods, encompassing a range of experiences that included separation from parents, living in hiding with the terror of being caught, privation and abuse in ghettos and even the horrors of concentration camps, where very few children survived.

Individuals who did not receive an application form in the mail but wish to apply to the Child Survivor Fund may obtain application forms beginning February 1, 2015 from our website or by contacting the Claims Conference on that date. Please note that this date is different from the one previously published.

Applications must be submitted by survivors, not heirs. However, if an eligible survivor passes away after an application form is received and registered by the Claims Conference, the surviving spouse is entitled to payment.  If there is no surviving spouse, the child(ren) of the eligible child survivor is entitled to the payment.


The Ludmila Smolyansky Empowerment Scholarship for Women

HIAS Chicago is honored to introduce a new academic scholarship to be awarded at the 2015 Annual Meeting and Scholarship Awards Event.  The Ludmila Smolyansky Empowerment Scholarship for Women will be awarded to a female student from Russia, the Former Soviet Union or Ukraine who is entering or continuing her Undergraduate studies.  The scholarship seeks to empower a young woman to find success and passion in her career by encouraging her to explore fields of study where women are typically under-represented. 

Created by Julie Smolyansky, President & CEO of Lifeway Foods, and Edward Smolyansky, CFO of Lifeway Foods, read more here

Visit our Scholarships page to apply.

HIAS Chicago Through the Generations

Click on the image below to begin a short video about HIAS Chicago's history and its assistance as a beacon of hope to refugees and immigrants to the United States.



Child Migrants Have Been Coming to America Alone Since Ellis Island

By Tasneem Raja, July 18, 2014 

An unaccompanied child migrant was the first person in line on opening day of the new immigration station at Ellis Island. Her name was Annie Moore, and that day, January 1, 1892, happened to be her 15th birthday. She had traveled with her two little brothers from Cork County, Ireland, and when they walked off the gangplank, she was awarded a certificate and a $10 gold coin for being the first to register. Today, a statue of Annie stands on the island, a testament to the courage of millions of children who passed through those same doors, often traveling without an older family member to help them along.

Read full article here.

Share Your Story

Your personal story is HIAS Chicago's history. HIAS Chicago is collecting and preserving the poignant stories of your family’s immigration.  Help make your story a chapter in HIAS Chicago's history as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary. Please visit our Share Your Story page to share your own with us. 

And be sure to visit our Your HIAS Chicago Stories page to read about others' histories.





















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