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HIAS Chicago College Scholarship

100th Anniversary
HIAS Chicago Freedom Grove: Celebrating 100 years of cultivating new lives in America
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HIAS Chicago Citizenship Classes Offered

HIAS Chicago invites you to our Citizenship Classes to help you prepare for your citizenship interview and exam. 

Classes are taught in English by volunteer teachers.

Please check our Citizenship Preparation Programs page for more information.

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It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.
~ David Trueblood

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HIAS Chicago is a program of Jewish Child & Family Services and a partner with the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago in serving our community.  

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Your Personal Story is HIAS Chicago’s History

We want to collect and preserve the poignant stories of your family’s immigration.

During difficult times, people seeking refuge have always looked to HIAS Chicago, and we have helped them, one by one, family by family. If we multiply this by 100 years, we can begin to comprehend the breadth and scope of how HIAS Chicago has been there for so many.

Share Your Story

Maybe HIAS Chicago helped your family understand the immigration process, or worked with your close relatives here and abroad to prepare the necessary papers to allow your safe passage. Maybe we helped you bring, in turn, other close family members to join you in freedom in a new land.

Maybe HIAS Chicago assisted you in adjusting your status and becoming a “green card” holder, or maybe we helped you reach that important milestone of attaining U.S. citizenship.

We are the stories we tell. Help make your story a chapter in HIAS Chicago’s history. Become part of our legacy as a community by sharing your journey and the precious memories you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren.  And be sure to visit our Your HIAS Chicago Stories page to read about others' histories.

How to Share your Story

STORY TIPS: Share one experience from your immigration rather than listing facts such as names, dates and cities. Consider the questions below to help you write your story.

  • Why did your family decide to emigrate?
  • What were your first impressions of America?
  • How have they changed?
  • How has your immigration to America affected your life?

Your story can be submitted alone or with photographs, drawings, poetry and even include scanned copies of official documents.

By submitting your story and documents you give permission to HIAS Chicago to post your story and documents on the HIAS Chicago website.

(HIAS Chicago reserves the right to screen stories submitted and edit for suitable content before posting on the HIAS Chicago website. All stories, photos and documents uploaded remain the property of HIAS Chicago. Stories like yours help to inform the community about the many values and contributions immigrants bring to this country. By submitting your story, you give HIAS Chicago permission to share your family’s journey through other agency publications.)

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