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HIAS Chicago Citizenship Classes Offered

HIAS Chicago invites you to our Citizenship Classes to help you prepare for your citizenship interview and exam. 

Classes are taught in English by volunteer teachers.

Please check our Citizenship Preparation Programs page for more information.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead

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HIAS Chicago is a program of Jewish Child & Family Services and a partner with the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago in serving our community.  

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Citizenship Preparation Programs

Citizenship Classes

HIAS Chicago offers volunteer-led citizenship classes available in convenient locations throughout the city and suburbs.  

The eight-week classes are taught in small groups to allow for more individualized attention and help to overcome language barriers. In addition to helping you prepare for the test on U.S. civics and history and the written dictated sentence, all classes provide training for the USCIS interview.

Interested in attending class? Contact HIAS Chicago at 312-357-4666 or email Jessica Schaffer, Director, at You can also obtain more information at


Individual Bilingual Intensive Tutorial Program

One-on-one home-based citizenship preparation assistance is available for those who are unable to participate in citizenship group classes. This nine-week intensive program pairs our frail, elderly and disabled clients, as well as those with limited English, with trained bilingual volunteers.

This individualized, intensive program fosters lasting relationships between students and tutors and, in addition to being highly successful in preparing the student to pass the citizenship test and interview, proves to be an extremely gratifying cross-cultural and cross-generational experience for all involved.


Mock Interview Program

Anyone applying for citizenship through HIAS Chicago may participate in a mock interview. A carefully trained volunteer will meet with you and conduct a practice interview, to allow you to go through the process in a formal, yet safe environment. You will then receive valuable feedback on your performance and have an opportunity to prepare further for the interview if necessary. Additional preparation and supportive services are provided and a second practice interview may be conducted. This program has proven to be extremely valuable to those interested in becoming more familiar with the citizenship test and interview process before they are actually scheduled at USCIS.

Self-Study Materials

Each HIAS Chicago citizenship applicant is offered extensive self-study materials for the citizenship test and interview.

A new citizenship preparation CD and manual, “Preparing for Citizenship", is available for purchase. It incorporates both the English and civics testing materials as well as interview practice material based on the N-400 application. Please contact HIAS Chicago at 312-357-4666 to purchase a CD and manual.



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