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100th Anniversary
HIAS Chicago Freedom Grove: Celebrating 100 years of cultivating new lives in America
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HIAS Chicago Citizenship Classes Offered

HIAS Chicago invites you to our Citizenship Classes to help you prepare for your citizenship interview and exam. 

Classes are taught in English by volunteer teachers.

Please check our HIAS Calendar for dates and locations.

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HIAS Chicago is a partner in serving our community, receiving support from the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

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HIAS Chicago Scholarships

The 2014 HIAS Chicago Academic Scholarship Application period is now closed.  

Please follow the links below for additional information about our scholarships.

Please note our application criteria have changed for 2014. 

Click here for HIAS Chicago Undergraduate Scholarships.

Click here for HIAS Chicago Graduate Scholarships.

“As an immigrant, being able to go to college and choosing who I want to be in life is a cherished gift. Living in a country where one can achieve their potential and shape their future is a treasured privilege”.
~ Former Scholarship Applicant
“The fact that I can simply breathe in a country that lets me live free, study in a school in a different language than my first, and make friends with people I would have never known otherwise is amazing”.
~ Former Scholarship Applicant

Through the generosity of HIAS Chicago’s friends and supporters, since 1991 we have been fortunate to be able to provide academic scholarships to an extremely impressive group of young scholars who immigrated to the Chicago area with the assistance of HIAS Chicago. By recognizing their achievements, we are able to acknowledge the significant leadership and community contributions that are being made by immigrants to our community and to help these scholars to further prepare themselves to become our leaders of tomorrow.

These scholarships include:

  • HIAS Chicago Benton-Bernstein Scholarships for those entering the helping professions
  • Tilly Warshaw Scholarship for high school graduates
  • The Max and Anna Warshofsky Scholarship
  • The Michael Polsky Family Scholarship Funds for high school graduates and career enhancement
  • Ruth Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Bernard Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund

“I have boundless gratitude for the work of HIAS Chicago and other Jewish social service agencies. Without your passions for change, I would not be able to pursue mine”.

~ Former Scholarship Applicant
“My story is similar to thousands of others due to the work that HIAS Chicago has done for years. Without the help of HIAS Chicago I would not be the person I am today, and for that I am deeply grateful. As a student in a health profession, I am often reminded by faculty that I will have the power to save lives, but I know that my life too was once saved, and that is something I will never forget”.
~ Former Scholarship Applicant

HIAS Chicago Awards Scholarship Winners at Annual Meeting


From the desk of Jodi Doane, Director, HIAS Chicago

On 27 June, 2013, HIAS Chicago conducted its Annual Meeting and Scholarship Awards Ceremony.  The Annual Meeting was hosted by our Board President, Irena Persky.  HIAS Chicago’s storied history began in 1911. The Maxwell Street shopping district was filled with immigrant faces, many fleeing the anti-Semitism of Eastern Europe. And through the kind hearts and good deeds of a group of Chicago businessmen and leaders from the Jewish community, headed by Adolph Copeland and Sara Jacobsen, HIAS Chicago was born.   While some refugees and immigrants who arrived in Chicago were greeted by relatives and friends who helped them find a place to live, find a job and raise their families, for others, HIAS Chicago was their only family. Today, we step with anticipation and excitement into our next century of welcoming and helping the stranger among us.  

Our story continues with the on-going planting of trees in the HIAS Chicago Freedom Grove in Lincolnwood, IL; and board development, including appreciating Board Members who are retiring, welcoming new Board Members and Officers; and recognizing our valued partners in the Jewish Federation and Jewish Child and Family Services.  HIAS Chicago thanks Eleanor Wolfe for 12 years of energy and commitment to the Board, as a Member and Treasurer.  Ellen retired from the Board in 2013.  We thanked Paula Kaplan Berger for her service as Board Member. Paula also retired from the Board this year.  We recommended Eugene Steingold, Roman Kahn, and Julie Smolyansky to additional two-year terms; we nominated Azita Mojarad as the Board Secretary. We recognized the newest members of the Board of Directors:

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We thanked former Director Suzanne Franklin for 22 years of leadership, dedication and laughter as the Director of HIAS Chicago, and we welcomed the new Director, Jodi Doane. We thanked the tireless HIASChicago team, including Assistant Director Susan Wexler, Office Administrator Joyce Smith, casework team Katie Dudzik, Leon Gribelsky, Lili Lang, Igor Litvak, Margarita Sandler, and Lyudmila Smotkina; and our invaluable office support team Nonna Bolotina and Abby Delgado.  We offered a special thanks to Maya Gumirov, whose leadership on the Scholarship Awards process made everything look so seamless and easy!

HIAS Chicago has seen reduced funding from some of our ongoing supporters, as they too struggle with our changing economy. Yet we are fortunate to have been able to expand our legal support for clients through enhanced training and consultation; to serve a newly-identified group of eligible youth seeking permission to remain legally in the US; to continue to expand our outreach and community education in the north and northwest suburbs; and maintain our critical support for those taking the next step to become US Citizens and for those seeking to reunite with family members.

We’ve been busy advocating for fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform, and considering opportunities for organizational growth. As the new Director, I’m proud to be learning from the respected team of people that is responsible for HIAS Chicago programs, working with an energetic and invaluable Board of Directors, and meeting generous donors and potential donors. It’s been an amazing year.

Most exciting of all the evening, however, is our Scholarship Awards Ceremony. HIAS Chicago is proud to introduce our exciting 2013 HIAS Chicago Scholarship Winners!

Undergraduate Students:  Natalya Oshurkova, Margarita Pyanichuk,  Valerie Valak,  and Olga Burda  

Graduate Students:            Aleksandr Pevtsov, Natalya Stadler, Kateryna Bakhmut, and Yuliya Genkina

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